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HERO Energy Sponsorship

Hero Energy Drink wants to help the Support the Gaming Community, Even though we cannot sponsor everyone, we do sponsor both Pro, Semi-Pro Gamers, Gaming Teams, Clans, YouTubers, and Streamers. To do this we have enabled a Sponsorship Program that benefits all Parties. We will review your application and will get back to you, soon.

  • HERO Energy Elite Sponsorship – For Pro, Semi-pro team and Individuals.
  • HERO Energy Enterprising Sponsorship – open to teams, individual players, YouTubers, and Streamers willing to help promote HERO Energy Drink  in exchange for HERO Energy Drinks and HERO Energy Drink merchandise.


HERO Energy Elite Sponsorship –  This is for those teams that are already established and competing in major tournaments nationwide. For the most part, Elite Sponsorships require written legal contracts and obligations. Once you have joined and been apart of our Enterprising Sponsorship Program for 6 months, you can then apply for Elite Sponsorship. Apply Here. This will take several days to review, but we will get back to you.

HERO Energy Enterprising Sponsorship – This is for you, Individuals, Teams, Clans, Social Media Stars (YouTuber, and Streamers).

Here’s how it works……

Step 1. You start by filling out a form, basic info. Click Here

Step 2. Summit 3 choices for a discount code, We will set up one just for you.

Step 3. Pick your payout method.

Step 4. Level up in our Sponsorship Program. (see. How to Level Up)

Step 5. Get Rewarded.